Some requirements are removed from the audits OF all
      postbac students


Requirements DARS Cannot Track

  1.  45 credits as a matriculated student
  2.  UW GPA
       These two requirements would not be accurate since DARS canít know which credits were
     completed in postbac status.  You'll need to check for completion manually.

Waived Requirements

  1.  Composition, QSR and Diversity University requirements, are waived for all students.
  2.  Writing, also a University requirement, is waived unless specific courses are required
       (e.g. HCDE 231, ENGR 231, HCDE 333).
  3.  Areas of Knowledge are waived by a very few colleges/schools/departments.  Most
        require that they be completed.--In A&S and SOC WF, the 15 final credits of Areas of
      Knowledge are waived.
  4.  Foreign language, a requirement in A&S and School of Social Work, is waived.
  5.  Outside of Major (a requirement for A&S majors only)

Some requirements may need exceptions


Postbaccalaureate students who attended UW previously


Courses that students completed at UW or were transferred to UW as part of their undergrad
record are still available for DARS to use.  A DARS audit may therefore show that some
requirements for the second degree have been fully satisfied.


Postbaccalaureate students new to UW


Admissions does not transfer courses for these students.  DARS therefore will only be able
to use the studentís postbac courses. 



1.  Major Requirements and Specific Courses for Writing
  Your major Reference Table tells you how to waive these for students who have equivalent
untransferred work.  (If the student has attended UW previously, you may, of course, substitute
any course on the student's record for a normally required course.  This is no different from what
you might do for a first-degree seeker.)
2.  Areas of Knowledge
Calculate the total number of credits of VLPA, I&S and NW earned by the student in
previous (untransferred) work.


If the total credits of untransferred work in each AoK equals or exceeds the number
that DARS tells you are needed, you can easily remove the requirement from the audit.

Create an SQ exception. 
On EARS: Insert or remove a requirement, using a 1-character code (SQ exception)

Use the AC1: _  (First code to attach) and  AC2: _  (Second code to attach) fields
  Note: Two AoKs can be waived in one exception by using both fields.

If VLPA is complete, enter V.
      I&S: I
  3) If all are complete, create a second SQ exception and use AC1: _ for N.



If the total is less than the number of credits required, create an RU exception to
waive the credits earned and allow DARS to track the remaining credits needed.

Enter the PSNAME for that AoK from your online Reference Table.
A&S advisers will find the GenEd Reference Table here. 
  -- Others will find the PSNAMEs for the AoKs in their Reference Tables here.
  2) After REQHRS: enter the number of credits earned elsewhere.
  3) Comment to display (e.g.):  9 CREDITS COMPLETED ELSEWHERE